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    2013-10-23 周海安

    摘  要:提出氣相色譜-質譜聯用儀同時測定文具中6種鄰苯二甲酸酯類增塑劑的方法,以正己烷為溶劑,采用索氏提取法提取文具中6種鄰苯二甲酸酯類增塑劑,采用外標法進行定量。該方法平均回收率為87.6%~103.1%,相對標準偏差為0.45%~4.17%,檢出限分別為0.5 mg/kg(鄰苯二甲酸二丁酯DBP),0.75 mg/kg(鄰苯二甲酸丁芐酯BBP),0.75 mg/kg[鄰苯二甲酸二(2-乙基)己酯DEHP],1.0 mg/kg(鄰苯二甲酸二正辛酯DNOP),5.0 mg/kg(鄰苯二甲酸二異壬酯DINP),5.0 mg/kg(鄰苯二甲酸二異癸酯DIDP)。
    中圖分類號:TS951;O657.7+1;TQ32;TQ323.4       文獻標志碼:A       文章編號:1674-5124(2013)05-0049-04
    Determination of six kinds of phthalates in stationery
    ZHOU Hai-an, L?譈 Xiao-hong
    (Ningbo Academy of Product Quality Supervision,Ningbo 315000,China)
    Abstract: A method was proposed to determine the content of six kinds of phthalates in stationery by gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GC-MS). Using n-hexane as solution, the sample was extracted with Soxhlet extraction method, and the content of six plasticizers was determined with external standard method. The average recovery varied from 87.6% to 103.1%, the relative standard derivation ranged from 0.45% to 4.17%. The limits of detection were 0.5 mg/kg(DBP), 0.75 mg/kg(BBP), 0.75 mg/kg(DEHP),1.0 mg/kg(DNOP), 5.0 mg/kg(DINP), and 5.0 mg/kg(DIDP) respectively.
    Key words: stationery; GC-MS; phthalate; soxhlet extraction method
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